Howlin’ Wolf – Wolf Is at Your Door

Wolf Is at Your Door

発売日: 2004年1月27日
レーベル: Indigo UK
アーティスト: Howlin' Wolf

  1. Moanin' At Midnight
  2. How Many More Years
  3. Riding In The Moonlight
  4. Morning At Midnight
  5. Crying At Daybreak
  6. Passing By Blues
  7. My Baby Stole Off
  8. I Want Your Picture
  9. The Wolf Is At Your Door
  10. Howlin' Wolf Boogie
  11. Smile At Me
  12. Getting Old And Grey
  13. Mr Highway Man
  14. My Baby Walked Off
  15. C.V. Wine Blues
  16. My Troubles And Me
  17. Chocolate Drop
  18. Highway Man
  19. Saddle My Pony
  20. Dorothy Mae
  21. Worried All The Time
  22. Oh! Red
  23. My Last Affair
  24. All Night Boogie
  25. I Love My Baby