Beatnuts – Musical Massacre

Musical Massacre

発売日: 1999年8月31日
レーベル: Relativity
アーティスト: Beatnuts

On their third full-length project, the crazy Colombian-Dominican rappers from Queens, NY, have set out to murder wack emcees and bury all nonbelievers. The Beatnuts lash out with their self-produced, party-starting beats and signature braggadocio (and usually X-rated) rhymes to commit a Musical Massacre. The flute-filled "Watch Out Now" and "Turn It Out" (featuring Greg Nice) follow the same vein as their 1997 club hit "Off The Books." However, the album's most interesting moment showcases a matured version of the Beatnuts. "Look Around" with Dead Prez finds the duo in a reflective and analytical state, proving that serious or silly, Pscho Les and Ju Ju will always be musical assassins. --Celine Wong