Various Artists – Mary Had a Little Amp

Mary Had a Little Amp

発売日: 2004年10月5日
レーベル: Sony
アーティスト: Various Artists

It benefits a great cause (preschool education for all American children), its star-studded lineup makes you want to have a listen regardless of your station in life (college kid, mother of quintuplets), and its stylishly askew songs are masterfully sequenced (Dixie Chicks chug into Madonna, Jack Johnson gives way to Moby), so that each track comes across a pleasant surprise. The only problem with Mary Had a Little Amp, if there is one, is its title, which gives the impression that it's a hard-rocking affair when mostly it's not. For example, R.E.M. rightfully conjures images of cranking amps, but here the band tones it down with the playful, hyper-rhythmic "We Walk." And Bonnie Raitt, saluted as much for her slide guitar chops as her singing, turns in a snuggly rendition of "Baby Mine" from Dumbo. --Tammy La Gorce
  1. Pure Imagination
  2. We Walk
  3. The Rainbow Connection
  4. Little Star
  5. Sing Along
  6. Baby Mine
  7. The 3 R's
  8. Anchovie
  9. Life Line
  10. Gentle Breeze
  11. Wild, Wild Party In The Loquat Tree
  12. How To Be Strong
  13. When You Wish Upon A Star
  14. Teach Your Children