Corduroy – London England

London England

発売日: 2002年1月15日
レーベル: Castle Music UK
アーティスト: Corduroy

London, England spans the entire career of the instrumental ensemble Corduroy, who phoenixed from the embers of art school glamsters Boys Wonder in 1992 and immediately signed to Acid Jazz, their spiritual home. A postmodern Booker T & The MG's, Corduroy's brand of Hammond grooves, a Bacharach-inspired easy vibe and funky film themes, possessed a playful groove that avoided the studious, chin-stroking elements of much of the Acid Jazz crew. Tracks like "Skirt Alert", "E-type", "Harry Palmer" and "High Havoc" exemplify this swinging, organ-propelled approach. In an attempt to crossover commercially, the band opted, perhaps somewhat predictably, to ditch instrumentals and make their next three albums song-based. While the transition was successful, culminating in jazzy pop crowned with swirling West Coast harmonies and tight rhythms, the anticipated commercial breakthrough never really materialised. A great pity too, as any band that records a rump shaking, acid jazz version of Motorhead's dandruff-dislodging anthem "Motorhead" deserves to sell a million. --Chris King
  1. Chow Down
  2. Long Cool And Bubbly
  3. The Girl Who Was Death
  4. How To Steal The World
  5. Electric Soup
  6. Pony Tail
  7. Harry Palmer
  8. E-type
  9. Skirt Alert
  10. Six Plus One
  11. Money Is
  12. Ten Twenty Eight From Shibuya
  13. High Havoc
  14. London England
  15. The Corduroy Orgasm Club
  16. The Frighteners
  17. Youre A Great Way To Fly
  18. Something In My Eye(Featuring Sherine)
  19. Lovely Lonely And Loaded
  20. One Born Every Minute
  21. Follow That Arab
  22. Mobody Move
  23. Very Yeah
  24. Dont Wait For Monday
  25. Practice Whay You Preach
  26. End Of The Rainbow
  27. Out Of Here
  28. The Diceman
  29. Magic Carpet
  30. January Woman
  31. Mini
  32. Along The Rooftops
  33. Ayrton Senna
  34. Motorhead
  35. Summer In My Eye (Previously Unrealeased)
  36. Emanuelle In The Jaws Of The Dragon
  37. Evolver
  38. The Joker Is Wild
  39. The Addison Tapes
  40. Moshi Moshi