Albert King – In Session

In Session

発売日: 1999年8月24日
レーベル: Stax
アーティスト: Albert King
時間: 63分

Recorded for a television programme of the same name back in 1983, In Session bills itself as the only known recording of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King, who was Vaughan's idol and mentor, playing together. That leads to some heavy expectations, which fortunately aren't disappointed, at least if you aren't expecting the customary over-the-top performances Vaughan was famous for. His playing here is much more laid-back and controlled, which is actually a recommendation--the stylistic similarities between teacher and student are that much more pronounced. The songs are mostly King concert staples, with the exception of "Pride and Joy"; highlights include the T-Bone Walker classic "Call It Stormy Monday" and one of King's own, "Overall Junction", which features some excellent guitar solo work. The snippets of recorded conversation between songs are interesting curiosities as well. --Genevieve Williams
  1. Call It Stormy Monday
  2. Old Times
  3. Pride And Joy
  4. Ask Me No Questions
  5. Pep Talk
  6. Blues At Sunrise
  7. Turn It Over
  8. Overall Junction
  9. Match Box Blues
  10. Who Is Stevie?
  11. Don't Lie To Me