Bob Margolin – Hold Me to It

Hold Me to It

発売日: 1999年9月28日
レーベル: Blind Pig
アーティスト: Bob Margolin

The Blind Pig Records debut from Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin, a long-time guitarist for Muddy Waters and presently working with Big Bill Morganfield (Waters's son, for anyone who doesn't know), is a delight. That's to be expected, in a way; anyone who works with the best and brightest Chicago has to offer is bound to be good. But the lack of surprise doesn't lessen the sheer pleasure of this album, which is chock-full of the best Chicago sound. Margolin's got a strong, tight guitar style that favors substance over flash and a rich voice that just about holds its own in his duet with Morganfield on "Wee Baby Blues." With concert favorites like the title track and "Slam 'Em Down," the instrumental "Consolation," which bridges the gap between Chicago and Eric Clapton, and the slow pounding of "Mean Old Chicago," Hold Me to It is an excellent example of the Chicago blues in general and of the strengths of Bob Margolin in particular. -- Genevieve Williams
  1. All You Left Behind
  2. Hold Me to It
  3. Mean Old Chicago
  4. Slam 'em Down
  5. No Consolation
  6. Consolation
  7. Ice or Fire
  8. Lost Again
  9. Hard Feelings
  10. Not Dark Yet
  11. Stick Out Your Can
  12. Wee Baby Blues