Dick Hyman – From the Age of Swing

From the Age of Swing

発売日: 1994年9月20日
レーベル: Reference Recordings
アーティスト: Dick Hyman

Swing is everywhere these days, but it's seldom played with the consummately relaxed skill heard here, with Hyman leading a mid-sized band of celebrated veterans. Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar, Milt Hinton on bass, and Butch Miles on drums make up a perfect swing rhythm section, while the horns provide vitally individualistic sounds and ideas, from Joe Newman's sly, muted trumpet to Joe Temperley's gruffly sweet baritone saxophone. The repertoire provides an authentic portrait of the swing era, from the energetic "Moten Swing" through Ellington's "Dooji Wooji" and Fletcher Henderson's beautiful "Soft Winds" to the pop songs of the day, like "Moonglow" and "Them There Eyes." Hyman displays the same musicianship apparent in his solo piano recordings, making wondrous use of space to let the rhythm section shine through. --Stuart Broomer
  1. From The Age Of Swing
  2. You're Driving Me Crazy/Moten Swing
  3. Topsy
  4. Moonglow
  5. Them There Eyes
  6. Dooji Wooji
  7. Soft Winds
  8. What Is There To Say?
  9. 'Deed I Do
  10. Rose Room
  11. I Know What You Do
  12. Mean To Me
  13. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  14. From The Age Of Swing (Alternate Take)