Gil Scott-Heron – From South Africa to South Carolina (Reis)

From South Africa to South Carolina (Reis)

発売日: 1998年4月7日
レーベル: Tvt
アーティスト: Gil Scott-Heron

Gil-Scott Heron pulled few punches on this powerful 1975 release, his second effort with the Midnight Band. The jazz here ("Summer of '42," "Essex") is hard, flint-edged stuff, dipped in funk and Latin percussion. The ballads ("Beginnings," "A Lovely Day") are pretty, and the lyrics (especially on "A Toast to the People") are potent. The Clash's Mick Jones, a fan of Scott-Heron's, once told Rolling Stone that "people would rather dance than fight wars," but "Johannesburg" and the nuclear-power-protesting "South Carolina (Barnwell)" prove you can do both at the same time. Bonus tracks include live versions of the latter as well as the in-your-face anthem "Let Me See Your I.D." from the 1985 Sun City project. --Michael Ruby
  1. Johannesburg
  2. A Toast To The People
  3. The Summer Of '42
  4. Beginnings (The First Minute Of A New Day)
  5. South Carolina (Barnwell)
  6. Essex
  7. Fell Together
  8. A Lovely Day
  9. South Carolina (Barnwell) (Live From No Nukes Concert At MSG)
  10. Save The Children (Live From Blues Alley-Wash DC)
  11. Johannesburg(Live From Gsh:Black Wax)
  12. Let Me See You I.D.(From Sun City Album: Artists United Against Apartheid)