Midnight Funk Association – Coffee Shop Rules

Coffee Shop Rules

発売日: 2002年1月28日
レーベル: Domino
アーティスト: Midnight Funk Association

The second album from trip-hop pioneers Midnight Funk Association, Coffee Shop Rules was a quite staggering half-decade in the making. While these five years have seen Midnight Funkers Dave Hill and Mark Broom sever ties with their old label Mo Wax and sign on the line for electronica-dabbling Brit indie imprint Domino, little else has changed. Harking back to the likes of Autechre's Incunabula and Mo Wax's seminal Headz compilations, these 11 tracks of smoky instrumental groove should be pretty familiar to fans of laid-back 1990s electronica. It's all thanks to MFA's sense of sharp focus that Coffee Shop Rules still sounds relevant, though: the futuristic Neu!-esque synth arpeggios and thudding bass drums of "Melody", strongly recalls Warp duo Plone. Meanwhile the sinister, child-like chimes of "Way Back" is weirdly reminiscent of one of Aphex Twin's more chilly outings, until fat, chunky DJ Shadow-style drums muscle in like balaclava-clad bouncers and shake it into a broiling breaks clatter. Admittedly, this offers nothing that's exactly new, begging the question: precisely what were these men doing throughout the late 1990s? Still, slip on Coffee Shop Rules and, like a pair of vintage trainers, you'll find MFA still do the business. --Louis Pattison