Carlisle – 1942-44


発売日: 1994年6月14日
レーベル: Harlequin Records
アーティスト: Carlisle, Savannah, Sullivan

  1. 'Tain't Yours
  2. Without You Baby
  3. I'm A Good Good Woman
  4. Ain't Nothin' Much
  5. I Like It 'Cause I Love It
  6. You Gotta Take Your Time
  7. He's The Best Little Yankee
  8. I Speak So Much About You
  9. Teasin' Me
  10. You And Your Heart Of Stone
  11. You're Gonna Change Your Mind
  12. The Rest Of My Life
  13. Crying Need For You
  14. That Glory Day
  15. The Rest Of My Life
  16. Behavin' Myself For You
  17. I Carry The Torch For You
  18. Two-Faced Man
  19. He's Commander-In-Chief Of My Heart
  20. Tell Me Your Blues
  21. Fat Meat Is Good Meat